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2016 Football Pool
Guess the winners of each game, and how much the team will win by.

Point calculation begins with a negative value equal to the difference between the player's guess and the actual score.
Example: you pick the Packers by 14. The Packers actually win by 6. Your starting score would be -8.

You are eligible for further bonuses if you pick the correct team:

77 points are awarded for each correct pick.

7 points if 25% percent or less picks a team.
10 points if 20% percent or less picks a team.
14 points if 15% percent or less picks a team.
17 points if 10% percent or less picks a team.

Guessing higher than average makes you eligible for a bonus.
The pool average is the pick in the middle (median). For example if the guesses were [3, 3, 4, 17, 28] the average would be 4.
If less than three players pick a team then the default median is 3.
10 points for picking 10 points higher than average.
17 points for picking 20 points higher than average.

The highest amount of blowout bonus available depends on how high above average the actual winning margin is.
If the team wins by 24 and the average guess is 4, it would be possible for a player to win 17 bonus points, by guessing 24 or higher.
You are only eligible to win up to the bonus tier that you picked. If you picked the team by 14 (assuming average of 4 again) then you could only win 10 bonus points, no matter how much the team wins by.

Mini-blowout bonus:
If your guess is three points higher than average and so is the winning margin then you receive a 3-point bonus. If your guess is only one or two above the average then you can win a 1-point bonus.
If your guess is high enough to qualify for the 3-point bonus but the margin falls into the 1-point range, you get a 2-point bonus.
But no mini-blowout points are handed out if any player has won a real Blowout bonus.
*If less than three people pick a team then the average is one point. If three or more people pick a team then the average is the median.

Horseshoe bonus:
New for 2016.
This bonus goes to the player whose guess is closest to being perfect.
If the guess is average or less then it's eligible for a 1-point bonus. Only awarded to a unique guess. If two players have the same guess then neither gets a point.
If the guess is in mini-blowout territory then the horseshoe bonus is 3 points, but reduced by one point with each additional identical pick. If two players were the closest with NYJ 14, then they would each get a 2-point bonus.
If the best guess is ten points above average (a blowout) then the bonus is 4 points, again reduced by one point by identical picks.
And if the guess is 20 above average then the bonus is 6. With one-point reductions, but I highly doubt anyone is going to duplicate your double-blowout guess.
Bonuses higher than average are always awarded and won't be reduced to less than 1.

"Perfect Week" Bonus
  16 games 15 games 14 games13 games
Perfect Week 42 pts33 pts24 pts17 pts
One Game Wrong 10 pts6 pts3 pts0 pts
Perfect Week bonuses during the playoffs are worth the full 16-game amount.

"Most Correct" Bonus
3 points for picking the most games correctly in a week.

Most Correct Overall Bonuses (over the whole season)
315 pts for the most picks correct.
210 pts for the 2nd most correct.
105 pts for the 3rd most correct.

Playoff games are worth more than regular season games. For each correct pick:
80 points: Wildcard Weekend (Round One)
80 points: Divisional Weekend (Round Two)
91 points: Conference Finals (Round Three)
105 points: Super Bowl

Tie-breakers will come into effect when two or more players have the same score. Applied in this order:
1) Most games picked correctly
2) Lowest "Agreement" (percentage of pool members that picked the same teams as you)
3) Margins picked on pool underdogs (teams picked by 40% or less of the pool)... plus double the average margin guessed on the favourite, multiplied by the square of the percentage of people who picked the favourite: [FavouritePercent2 *(YourGuess + (2 * Average on Favourite))]
4) Margins picked against Vegas on every game. If picking the favourite then the number is the difference between your guess and the official spread. If picking the other team then the number is your guess plus double the spread.